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Mapping the Legacy: Ordering Grid Entries

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If you have many projects per year, you may to put them in the sequential order in which they happened within the year. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Add entries in chronological order
    1. This would require you to plan out all your entries beforehand. For a Mapping the Legacy template to type or print/write in, please click here.
  2. When you are adding or editing entries, add parenthetical numbers after the year in the “Year” section.
    1. Example: 1984 (1), 1984 (2), 1984 (3)
    2. Please Note: If you enter 1984 – June, 1984 – February, and 1984 – August, they will not sort by Year / Month since the months are not in alphabetical order.
  3. Specify the order of entries in your grid.
      1. This method is helpful if you forget to add projects or prefer to not use the template mentioned above.

Click the heading below to explore about the topic.

How To: Specify the Order of Entries
  1. Hover over “Mapping the Legacy” on the black bar on your site.
  2. Move your mouse down over “Edit Grid” and click.
  3. Scroll down to the section labeled “View Settings”
  4. In the left column, you will see “Filter/Sort” with arrows heads pointing up and down. Click on it.
  5. Choose which criterion/column will control the order when the page first loads. By default, the grid is displayed in the order in which you published the entries.
  6. Sort by two criteria, for example, sort by year, then by the name of the production or another factor. The result would be a grid that is ordered by year, then if multiple entries exist for the same year, they will be in alphabetical order.
  7. If this and the other solutions above is sufficient, please submit a help request and we can advise you with a custom workaround solution if absolutely necessary.

Here is a short video illustrating strategies for ordering your grid:

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