Theatre and the Community: Pregones/PRTT

Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre (PRTT) is a recognized bilingual performing ensemble with a multidisciplinary scope in the arts. With two facilities in The Bronx and Manhattan, Pregones/PRTT champions a legacy of Puerto Rican and Latino theatre with universal value by creating and performing original plays and musicals, developing strong artistic partnerships across disciplines and cultures, and engaging a diverse theatre-going community.

Pregones (1988) – “Migrants” tours the U.S

“Doing what we do”: Discussing theatre and its purpose.

Pregones moves to St. Ann’s

The role of Pregones/PRTT in the surrounding community.

Scene from “Medea’s Last Rosary”, directed by Alvan Colón-Lespier

As Associate Artistic Director, Alvan has played an important role in creating a space for Latino theatre to gain a strong foothold in the artistic community. Pregones/PRTT takes this mission a step further by reaching out to a diversity of theatrical traditions. Their projects are anything but insular – Pregones/PRTT fosters intercultural narratives and connection, while maintaining strongly planted roots in the Latino theatre tradition.

Reflecting on the challenges Latinos face in the New York theatre scene.

Alvan performs in “Migrants”

Part of Pregones/PRTT’s repertoire incorporates adaptations of popular Latin American literary works, as well as the creation of original cultural tales. La Caravana is a bilingual children’s play authored by Alvan and performed by the Pregones/PRTT ensemble. Below, Alvan tells us more about the workings of La Caravana.