Stardate 2525….actually  it was 2014, I produced a sci-fi comedy musical in the the Mid Winter Madness Short Play Festival, NYC. Directed by Eren T. Gibson. Great cast, great audience feedback and reviews. Anyway, a few months after the festival ended, I get a call from one of the festival organizers that we should come to the award ceremony the next night, and he left it at that. So I called the cast, and a few of them were available and we went the next night. We sat there, and about halfway through the ceremony, we heard our show name called, four times in a row for the following:  OUTSTANDING MUSICAL PRODUCTION, OUTSTANDING NEW SCRIPT/PLAYWRIGHT/BOOK/MUSIC/LYRICS FOR A MUSICAL, OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION VALUES IN A MUSICAL, and OUTSTANDING ACTOR IN A MUSICAL (TRISTAN MILLER)…..surprised, happy, and proud of the cast….motivated me to write the full version which is ready to go for full production.