I performed at this dinner theater complex in Orlando, Florida,  from about 1997 to the about 2006. The director, Laurel Clark, I had met several years before where she performed with me in Divorce Court series. She remembered me and gave me an audition to enter the ensemble troupe. Very talented actors. Most of them also worked at other theaters, Disney and Universal theme parks. I was much older than most of them. The shows were scripted but actors would improvise off script and then return to the spine of the story. Very good training. I worked my way up to doing 17 characters in about 13 different shows. I was picked to do a month long USO tour in Europe, performing a comedy play to military families in several countries, including Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, as well as two cruise line gigs, and cross country casino shows….I remember one show in Orlando where Sinbad the comedian was in the audience with his family, and we asked him to participate in the part of the show with audience interaction, he did, and was gracious afterwards and took a picture with us…several actors have gone on to other successful endeavors from Sleuths, including noted Hollywood actors, published children’s poet, Broadway, Vegas magician, TV personalities. and the  New York acting scene.