I hate writing bios!  Alas, bios are a requirement for programs, applications and websites. My body of work runs the gamut of  disciplines and styles, so whittling down what to include or exclude where and when is a dilemma. I err on the side of too much information. So  when I was working with photographer and casting director, Michel Alan Wells.  http://www.michaelalanwells.com  to create a website in 2008,  I said “Who cares?” and decided to throw it all into a quick video. I commissioned my friend Anne Carney,  https://annecarney.com, a talented actor, nature photographer, and film editor to pull it all together. Anne’s musical sensibility, sense of humor, and impeccable timing are key to her talent as both an actor and an editor. The music is by Leroy Anderson, a composer I’ve loved since childhood.