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An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals


Our mission is to preserve the legacies of professionals in the performing arts and entertainment, and to achieve this aim we must begin with the basics of digitizing and documenting your work. You may wish to find a student, assistant, or family member to help you with this process, but we are also confident that with some essential tools and the resources we have collected, you can begin to document your career and preserve your legacy through this site.

The first step of beginning to document your career is to consider where and how your records may be stored or kept. We recommend familiarizing yourself with PAL Director Joan Jeffri’s Guide to Getting Organized and exploring the guide to personal archiving and digital preservation prepared by the Library of Congress: there is a video and a text version available. The articles below also offer context and guidance for how to create your own digital archive.

Articles by Mike Ashenfelder, PAL Advisor and former Director, Digital Personal Archiving, Library of Congress:
Technology Resources and Guidance