Alicia Kaplan (Actress, Dancer, Director, Choreographer, Teaching Artist, Producing Artistic Director, Cultural Activist) Alicia is a performer who began acting and dancing at the age of six in Caracas, Venezuela.  Studying ballet with Matlinsky, Lidija Franklin, Nina Novak and Ruth Antonofsky, she participated in various productions at el Teatro Municipal de Venezuela, el Ateneo, the Caracas Theatre Club, and on television.   Alicia studied dance in New York with Maria Swoboda, Luigi, and Merce Cunningham and acting under the. guidance of Uta Hagen, and with Sonia Moore at the Stanislavski Center for Performing Arts. Her acting debut in New York was in the world premiere of Venezuelan playwright Roman Chalbaud’s Terrible Angels at the Henry Street Playhouse. Alicia has performed in the United States, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain in more than 260 productions, including television series, films, television series, theatre, commercials, and broadcasting. Alicia has directed 55 plays, including comedies, dramas, musicals, and performance pieces with multi-generational participants. Alicia is the Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Danisarte, now in its 28th  year.  In 2016 Danisarte toured Risaralda, Colombia invited by the Governor of that district, with “Soliluna:  a voyage thru 5 continents”, a bilingual multi-media performance piece which she created, directed and acted in. “Soliluna…” toured throughout NYC, was featured at the “Encuentro Cultural” by the Antonio Montes cultural entity in Malaga, Spain, and also was part of the International Theatre Festival in Caguas, Puerto Rico in 2019.  In 2020 Danisarte became the first theatrical company to produce a virtual theatrical festival entitled “Lorca Lives/Lorca Vive” during the worldwide pandemic. (on YouTube.com and  www.Danisarte.org.)