Program Cover from Celebration

In early September 2018, I was working on a play when I was struck by another inspiration!—“You need to celebrate the thousands of miracles and gifts in your life by sharing them with people who know you.” The next thought that came was, “And ask your dear friend Alynne (Alynne Amkraut Krull) to direct the event.” So I began work on the monumental task of noting and editing an amazing life that spanned 80 years of human life, the predominant thread of which was Theatre! And another soon postscript: “It can only last one and one half hours!”

No words can express the gratitude I have for Alynne’s patience, honesty, care, tolerance, and her talents and friendship that helped me accomplish this event. I’m also honored and grateful to, in addition to Alynne, the 14 friends onstage and 5 friends offstage who donated their time and talents and energies to help this sharing happen.

Below is the video of this event.  Referenced time stamps are:
ASSETS 11:45
Red Ribbons 1:17:53
You Gotta Have Heart” Duet 1:33:23
Final interview with Bill 1:44:43  (recorded at the end of rehearsal the day before the Celebration)

“Thanks for sharing this experience!” —BK