Photo credit: Jay Potter

                     “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” 

Maya Angelou 

Sara Krieger has had a varied career that has taken her from bandstands and concert halls to voiceover booths and network TV. Since the time she could carry a tune, she was determined to be a professional singer. And she did just that, landing her first job directly out of high school at 17 years of age, which moved her from her hometown of Indianapolis to Milwaukee where she obtained her Actors Equity card. From there, she spent several years traveling around the country working in various bands, where she developed a love for singing jazz standards. At the age of 23, she moved to New York where she soon became a regular singer at several venues in Manhattan- Including Catch a Rising Star, The Improv and The Comic Strip. She also became a regular fixture on the New York cabaret scene where she received glowing reviews by almost every major New York paper, along with several magazines, including GQ and NY Magazine, which heralded her as “One of the Best Singers in New York”.

In 1989 she auditioned for and landed the alto chair in the vocal jazz quintet, “New York Voices”. While with the group, she recorded two albums with them for GRP Records (“New York Voices” and “Hearts of Fire”), which received major airplay on every contemporary and classic Jazz station. While with the group, she toured throughout Europe and Japan as well as the United States, playing venues such as The Blue Note Clubs (in New York and Japan), The George Wein Jazz Festivals, and Carnegie Hall.

After leaving the group and the road in 1994, Sara decided to try her hand at Voiceovers. As fate would have it, the very first agent in New York that she approached turned out to also be from Indianapolis and a friendship as well as a flourishing new career began. What started as a supplement to singing soon became her primary focus and career. In the twenty plus years that followed, Sara recorded spots and campaigns for American Express, Estee´Lauder, Mercedes Benz, HGTV, Bloomberg Radio, and literally thousands of commercials, promos and narrations. One of her longest running jobs was for The Late Show with David Letterman, where she was often hired as the voice for Dave’s faux announcements and commercials during his monologues. That job lasted 13 years. She still works steadily on TV and radio and is currently the voice of T Rowe Price as well as the Radio Imaging voice for WQXR and WNYC in New York.

There is one cohesive element to the work that Sara has done over the past 40+ years- and that is the love of communication through language and voice, whether singing, recording voiceovers or writing lyrics. In her mind, they all share similar elements- rhythm, pitch, nuance, phrasing and emotional point of view… there is a similar specificity that winds its way through each of these mediums.

Sara is also a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity.