Oral History

PART 1: On learning to act and creating a character

Susan discusses her career journey of approaching a role; whether as an actor, stage manager, or, even later, as a director

32:01 “I began to realize I was a character woman…”

34:08 “…trusting the truth of just being.”

PART 2: Career Challenges

Susan discusses three significant things that changed the course of her career

25:40 “I had three basic things that happened…”

29:24 “…for about 15 years.”

PART 3: Taking risks

Susan discusses a harrowing night she experienced a shipwreck at the start of her sail to Miami from St. Thomas, the first leg of her journey en route to NY following her performance run

17:46 “We set out sail from St. Thomas…”

22:48 “…knew that I would be alright.”