In 2012, Sweet Honey in the Rock received a commission to create an orchestral piece with composer Bill Banfield. This is my aria. 

Just a note: this is the original poetry and the lyrics are rendered to fit the musical score. 


©2010 4Jagadish Music

This is my life
Why I’m here, I still don’t know
So I stay on the search for meaning
Live all of me, grow /go with the flow
There are things I’ll always remember
And things I can never explain
Memories that are ever expanding
Of passion, of peace, of pain
Many glorious days behind me
Life moves onward
No stop signs ahead 
Love, keep me dreaming forward
I am here with no regrets
Alive, YES! I am alive
Alive, and brilliantly undone…

(I’m) Shooting off loud noises from my body
Giving out shockwaves from my soul
My dance is the dance of Shiva
My Song is the sound of Om
Cutting through the air shattering ev’ry atom I touch
I fly, see me fly…
There is power in the believing
Faith in the seen and the unknown
I am Alive. I am here.
And I am brilliantly undone

Some say slow down, stop dreaming,
Your time is almost done, it’s much too late.
But who can name my destiny?
Who can say what is my fate?
When I’m cutting through the air, shattering every atom I touch
I fly, still I fly
Dreaming of possibilities
That are mine to realize
Dreaming of possibilities – Alive
I am here
And I am brilliantly undone

Beautiful as I am and always will be
Beautiful as I am and always will be
Ashe, Ashe’

Heart on the horizon, poised to take flight
Touching the air in the dreaming night
Affirming my power, confirming that I am
Sometimes life falls apart and back together again
Power in the believing
Faith in the seen and unknown
Keeps me moving forward
Grateful for how I have grown
I am here, I am alive
And I am brilliantly undone.
Possibilities and dreams
Ashe` Ashe` Ashe’