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Oral History

Career growth

Mirós – OH 2 – 8:19 “I applied my knowledge and experience with theatre and film to radio…” – 11:27 “…and it became a success.”

Gilda discusses the natural voice, faith, and bringing health information to Hispanic people and summarizes the curating process of producing her own radio show.

Aging, motivation, discrimination

Mirós – OH 1 – 9:21 “July 1957: The day we were going to go…” – 12:55 “…good and bad!”

Gilda discusses her early beginnings; overcoming obstacles of status, language, race, and being teased for being “Nuyorican.”

Mirós – OH 3 – 29:31 “You know, aging liberates us…” – 34:46 “…I’m content.”

Gilda speaks about self-care and acceptance as she ages.