The audition for this was under a code name and I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The audition itself was sides, with a Japanese accent, and then speaking about myself in Japanese. I speak enough Japanese so I was able to piece together a short story about how I started acting in Hawaii and how I came to NYC. I booked it, and then proceeded to go through one of the strangest and most exhilarating experiences of my acting life.

For one thing, I never saw a script until the week before the shoot, and first I spoke with a Japanese accent, and then after the second episode I was in, they had me come in and ADR myself, that is, the producers had me come in and dub all my English lines up to that point without an accent, and all the while, when I wasn’t speaking English, I was speaking Japanese. They flew in the Japanese translator of the script herself to coach me in the Japanese parts. Then, my character started as a Japanese businessman, the head of his own company, sucking up to a young woman, the head of another company whose business we wanted, and in the middle of the second episode I was in, he is revealed as a very bad bad guy, who has two of his own men executed. And following that, in the next episode, the story suddenly turns from a standard Asian gang-type melodrama into a harrowing, dark, science fiction/fantasy tale in which my character, Hirochi, is a major player.

This was a revelation to me, that I was in the middle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, writ small for television, but nevertheless, there I was, in the midst of it. From that point on I saw things differently, as far as what I was doing with my character, and that made it so much juicier for me as an actor. Playing a really bad guy is about as much fun as an actor can have without playing the hero, and even then, the hero is often a bit bland, a good guy, not as much fun as being bad, though I have to say, Daredevil is a pretty dark character.  Daredevil vs Hirochi, good against evil, who wins?   You can get some hint up ahead in my Daredevil grid entries.