In December 2012, I attended a memorial service for a close friend of mine, Herb Rubens. After I spoke at the service, I was approached by Mark Levine, a playwright and member of The American Renaissance Theater Company, or ARTC. He asked me if I would do a reading of his play, Lunch With Kazan, which he had been workshopping with Herb. The reading took place at ARTC, and afterwards, I was asked to join the company.

I am very proud to belong to the group, which develops new plays through readings in its workshop with actors from the company. Since 2013, and have appeared in many of its bi-annual productions. Most recently, I had the opportunity to work with Mark Levine again on his Fast Food Voices, a collection of monologues. Mark wrote a very moving monologue for me about a holocaust survivor that we presented in development along with many other monologues of his at the Dead Poet restaraunt and a wine shop on Columbus avenue. These readings have been very well received, and we are hoping to mount a full production of the work.

Me with Mikel Lambert in ARTC’s reading of For Now by Julius Landau, which would be produced in 2015.