Thom Sesma has been working as an actor on TV, in film and the theatre for over four decades. His career began  with his Broadway debut in the original production of La Cage Aux Folles in 1984. Since then he’s managed to spend most of his life in rehearsal studios, on large and small stages in New York and around the country, on Broadway and off, in major regional theaters and tiny summer stock barns, in front of cameras on tv and film sets, in works ranging from classical theatre, to contemporary dramas to musicals splashy and serious, from police procedurals and hospital dramas to soap operas and sitcoms. As an actor of mixed-race heritage (Basque-Japanese American) he is a strong advocate for diversity in all aspects of the entertainment industry, from performance to production to management. “The challenges that I’ve faced as an actor of color have influenced and continue to influence my work in what I hope are positive ways, and if that has changed even one person’s mind – one who could never before have imagined an Asian-American Sweeney Todd, or an Asian-American Tolstoy, or the designer of RMS Titanic, a Christie murder mystery suspect with an incomprehensible Italian accent, or a drag queen in St Tropez, any of whom could be portrayed by an Asian American – that will be enough.”

Thom is a proud member of AEA and SAG•AFTRA.

He is a Roman Catholic who’s an actor.  He’s also an actor who’s a Roman Catholic.

He’s never thought of himself as an actor who lives in New York.  He is an unapologetic New Yorker who also happens to be an actor.

In 2016, and again in 2019, he walked over 500 miles across northern Spain with his wife, Broadway company manager Penny Daulton, on the legendary pilgrimage route, Camino de Santiago.  Besides marrying her, it is the single most important accomplishment in his life.

His career is documented in the Library of Congress.

For more details, please visit thomsesma.com.