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Al Hirschfeld- 1979

In 1978 I thought it would be nice to have a Al Hirschfeld sketch. He was in the NY Times every Sunday and was an icon. The Margo Fiden Gallery in the East Village, where I had framing done represented Al Hirschfeld, I asked Margo if I could commission him to sketch me at the theatre. He agreed and it was decided that he would come to the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center while I was in technical rehearsal for the New York City Opera production of Naughty Marietta. He asked for a head shot and then showed up at the theatre while I was lighting, I noticed him wandering around looking at me and sketching. In the picture you will see me with long hair with a headset in one hand and a pencil in the right hand. On the table in front of me is the headset master station and a cup of coffee. On the music stand is a copy of the script. After Al left, a week later the gallery called and the sketch was ready. Nina’s name appears 3 times.