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The Lighting Archive

The Lighting Archive website was created by Beverly Emmons as a location to show the history of lighting design with the original paperwork used to create the lighting for shows.  It is a huge undertaking and I have helped as have numerous other lighting designers all giving our time, so the history of stage lighting has a place to live. Unlike scenic and costume designs where renderings, sketches and photographs can show what the designers work was, lighting can only be enjoyed while watching the performance. Photos do not show what the lighting looked like, it’s how the camera saw the lighting and, of course, that can be manipulated.  The website shows the process of how the lighting was created on paper and then handed to the electricians and how you document ephemeral light.


Light Plot

Equipment List/ Shop Order

Sweeney Todd - Broadway - Equipment List

Cue Sheets

Sweeney Todd - Broadway - Cue Sheets

Focus Charts

Sweeney Todd - Broadway - Focus Charts

Magic Sheet

Sweeney Todd - Broadway - Magic Sheet

Dimmer Hookup

Sweeney Todd - Broadway - Board Hookup