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When you first create a Performing Arts Legacy website, it is not available to the public. Please complete and submit the form below to alert our site administrators that your site is ready to be published. This means it will be accessible to any reader, visible in Google search results, and included in the Legacy Artists Directory. Once you submit this form, we’ll review and get back to you shortly.

  • Have you checked that your site includes the following?
  • Please consult the guidance provided on securing legal permission to use all photos, videos, and other documents or media on your site in Reference Materials and the Contributor Manual.

    Here is a link to an excel spreadsheet that can help you to organize requests for your permissions. The permissions are given to you, the professional, so remember to keep a hard copy or digital backup of all communications in this regard.

    Please check all that apply below:
  • If you have documented information on permissions and progress to secure clearing rights in a spreadsheet, please upload the file here.
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, xlsx, xls.
  • Please add any comments you would like to share about this process. For example: What has been the most satisfying think about working on your site? What has been the most frustrating? What are your hopes for the site you have created? Thank you for sharing your feedback.
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