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When you first create a Performing Arts Legacy website, it is not available to the public – that is, it will not be accessible by visitors, indexed by search engines or listed in the Site Directory – until your registration has been reviewed by PAL staff.

Please complete and submit the form below to alert our site administrators that your site is ready to be published. This means it will be accessible to any reader, visible in Google search results, and included in the Legacy Artists Directory.

Once you submit this form, we’ll review and get back to you shortly. Please note that if your site does not comply with our Terms of Use, it will be deactivated.

If you are a Professional who has already been published, please keep us informed of new additions such as Highlights and Legacy Grid entries. To learn how to keep us updated, see this article here.

Publish My Site Form: Click here to fill out the form to publish your site.

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