Rumi Missabu is a founding member of The Cockettes – glittery drag-spectacle performance group based in San Francisco-based. From the 1960s, The Cockettes pushed the boundaries of drag, sexuality and gender fluidity with their performances. Agosto has worked on many projects with  Rumi Missabu over the years.

Rumi Missabu’s Keeping the Tigers Away (Series of plays based on ancient fables from the Middle East)
Performed at Judson Memorial Church, 10/1/2014

With Keith Gemerek (also known as Fussy Lo Mein, a frequent collaborator and friend of Agosto Machado and Rumi Missabu) in Keeping the Tigers Away.

Poster for Rumi Missabu’s The Wisdom of the Sands at Judson Memorial Church, 10/7/2015

The Last Days of Pompeii by Rumi Missabu at the Bruno Walter Auditorium of New York Public Library of Performing Arts.

Witches of Salem & The Blue Hour by Rumi Missabu Judson Memorial Church, 10/5/2016

Rumi Missabu’s TranGERELLA at Judson Memorial Church, 10/4/2017