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An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals

Mapping the Legacy Guide


MAPPING THE LEGACY is our term for creating a framework to document your career.

You, the professional, will want to articulate the moments, experiences, stories, events, productions, performances, you wish to memorialize, document, save and pass on. Asking yourself, “ What do I want to save/to tell/to pass on?” and then “What have I got? What do I need to find?” will help you begin. See our Guide to Getting Organized to get your materials in order.

Some people have “given everything away.” Still, they retain their stories, can research the context of the period around things in those stories, and can link to audio, video, library collections to flesh out their stories. Do you primarily work in one (theatre) or across several (theatre, music, and/or dance)?

Create Your Grid


If you need guidance while completing your own grid using the spreadsheet template in the how-to link above, please consult the help section to view our FAQs or submit a support request.