In 2003, Gilda published “Celia Cruz and Sonora Matancera.”

This unique, 6×9, perfect bind, paperback book is divided into segments focusing on different aspects of Cuba’s premier musical group, the Sonora Matancera, which was founded in 1924 and made Celia Cruz a star.

Mirós compiled the interviews during her two decades of hosting the top rated Spanish radio show in New York. They include the shared memories of Rogelio Martinez, co-founder and director of the Sonora Matancera, and of Don Rogelio’s sidekick, Carlos Manuel Diaz, also known as Caito.

Other prominent voices include that of the recently deceased international Latin music diva Celia Cruz, who reminisces about her early days with the original ten members of the Sonora. The book is a collection of insightful anecdotes and the memories of Bobby Capó, Leo Marini, Carlos Argentino, Celio Gonzalez, Alberto Beltrán, Carmen Delia Dipiní, Elliot Romero and Joe Quijano. It contains 152 pages and numerous rarely-seen photographs spanning the entire Sonora Matancera reign. With a laminated cover, the best-selling paperback “Celia Cruz, La Sonora Matancera,” is written entirely in Spanish.