Gilda starred in Edward Gallardo’s play “Women Without Men” at the Public Theater as part of the Festival Latino in 1985.

Mel Gussow of the New York Times reviewed the play. (See:

“The head of the work force, the oldest of the women, is Orquidea, a dominant matriarch who rules the workers as she does her adult daughter (also a worker). As played by Gilda Miròs, this is a rigid woman of the old school, striking a moralistic pose. She cannot forget that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on a Sunday. ‘The infidels!’ she exclaims.

At the same time that she subjugates her daughter (Socorro Santiago) to her will and spurns her son’s widow and child (he had the audacity, by her measure, to marry a black woman), she goes her own merry way toward remarriage with the man who abused her children. Gradually, it is clear that the mother has a monstrous streak. With careful self-control, Miss Miròs never becomes melodramatic.”