Gilda recalls: “‘Rocambole contra las mujeres arpías,’ in 1966, was my first feature film in Mexico. I played the villain, along with Cuban-Mexican Victor Junco, a popular, international and magnificent actor that l loved very much. The lead role of Rocambole was played by Mexican television and movie actor Julio Alemán, who starred in the first telenovela ever produced in his country. This leading man, Julio Alemán, appeared in more than 151 films and was elected, for a period, chairman of the Mexican actors’ union, the Asociación Nacional de Actores.”

“Our costar Maria Duval was a singer plus a TV, film and stage actress. Maria made her film debut in the musical ‘Melodías inolvidables’ (1959), an experience she later described as ‘a great emotion’ and her ‘favorite memory’ of her entire career. She finished her film career in the 1970s with ‘Blue Demon.’ Her last appearance was in the telenovela ‘María José’ (1995). With Mexican-Spanish parents, Regina Torné made her first film in 1964, and so far has acted in more than 30 motion pictures. We worked together a couple of times. Her part in television with popular comedian Roberto Gomez Bolaños in ‘El Chavo del Ocho’ and her role in the award-winning film ‘Como aqua para chocolate’ enhanced her popularity.”